Dolly of Suntouched (F3) ALC Tariq

Dolly is our super F3 foundation queen from the Asian Leopard Cat 'Tariq'. This particular line is very rare as there was only one fertile female cat produced from Tariq. That cat was Dolly's grandmother Vonburchana Jungle Queen. As you can see from the photo's, Dolly has a super profile with a desirable domed forehead, a straight profile and a good strong chin. Her ears are good too. Nice and small with rounded tops, set on the side with plenty of width between.

Dolly has a Whited Tummy, which at 5 years of age she certainly will not lose now. Very often there are cats born with whited tummies that 'colour in' after the cat reaches maturity, around 1 year old. It is often considered that if the cat still has a whited tummy at 2 years of age, there is a very good chance it will stay whited. We are hoping Dolly will pass on her whited tummy to some of her kittens so we may introduce more white tummy genes into our Bengals.

Dolly is a large cat for a female and has a very sweet nature. She is a great mum to her babies and we hope that she may breed once again for us before she retires. Her super black rosetted 'keeper' kitten from the last litter can be seen on our studs page (Merlin).

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