Congratulations to Ozzy, who ended the TICA Show year 2008 as No.1 BENGAL CAT IN THE UK, no.3 in N. Europe and no.11 worldwide!
Congratulations to Tino, who ended the TICA Show year 2009 as No.1 BENGAL KITTEN IN THE UK, no..2 in N.Europe and no.6 worldwide!

January 2010: Tino and Anya stand as no.1 & no.2 Best Bengal cats in W.Europe! Our Bengals take 1st & 3rd Best Bengal Cat(s) & 1st & 2nd Best Bengal Kitten(s) at the BCCGB show! We have a super fully rosetted SNOW boy available as a potential stud and we have KITTENS AVAILABLE!

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Please scroll down for our Bengal Information Index where you will see links to different sections about the Bengal Cat, Bengal Kittens and their Asian Leopard Cat ancestors. Here you can find useful information about the breed, whether you already own a Bengal or are looking to enhance your household with a young Bengal kitten or cat.

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1. F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Bengal Cats and Kittens)
2. The Asian Leopard Cat (A.L.C.)

3. From Asian Leopard Cat to Bengal Cat.

4. Advice on Buying a Pet Kitten

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A Little About Suntouched Bengals: (More can be read on our 'About Us' page).
We are Bengal cat breeders in Glamorgan, South Wales, UK. and are easily accessible from the M4 motorway, not far from Junction 37. Our Prefix 'SUNTOUCHED' is registered with both GCCF (the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) and also with TICA (The International Cat Association). This means we are able to register most of our Bengal Cats and Bengal kittens with either of the governing bodies (or both!) and the kittens can also be shown at both GCCF and TICA shows.
We have beautiful Bengal cats and kittens (from F2, F3, F4 to SBT) available as beautiful Pets or for Showing (F4 and higher) or breeding programs (approved homes only). We also have potential young Bengal Studs and Bengal Queens occasionally available to selected Bengal breeding homes only.
Our Bengal cats and kittens all have beautiful temperaments and make excellent pets as they are reared inside the home from day one. Our Bengal kittens are familiar with the sights and sounds of a busy household. When they leave us, they are health checked twice and fully vaccinated by our Veterinary Surgeon and will come accompanied by a completed Pedigree Certificate as well as either a TICA or GCCF Registration paper, a FREE Kitten starter pack, 4 weeks FREE insurance with Petplan and also other 'goodies'...see our AVAILABLE KITTENS page for more details.
Our kittens are also available to loving Pet or Show/breeding homes within the U.K., and we will also sometimes sell abroad, but please do contact us for details of kitten availability, and if you are interested in a Bengal kitten for Showing or breeding please do tell us a bit about yourself, including information like: Where you live. Do you currently breed Bengals? Do you currently show cats, or are you interested in Showing Bengals? If you breed Bengals, how many queens and studs do you have? What are the pedigree Bengal lines you are working with at the moment? This will help us establish that you will make suitable 'adoptees' for our Bengal kittens, and we can also see if we have a Bengal kitten that will suit your Bengal breeding programme and be a good match for your current Bengal breeding cats.

Suntouched Bengals are based on the coast in South Wales, UK. Our prefix 'Suntouched' was decided due to the fabulous glittered pelts that our Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens have. It appears that all our Bengal Cats, Bengal Studs, Bengal queens and Bengal Kittens coats have been 'touched' by the sun. Hence the name 'Suntouched' Bengals.

Suntouched Bengals specialise in Showing and breeding and we have home-bred Bengal Kittens for sale as Pet kittens/cats, Show kittens/cats or Breeding kittens/cats that are available to all regions of the UK and Overseas. Our top Bengal stud cat Ozzy (RW, SGC Xclusive X Factor of Suntouched Bengals) now has the prestigious TICA (The International Cat Association) titles of REGIONAL WINNER and SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION. He gained the REGIONAL WINNER'S title twice the same year (2007/2008), for finishing in the TOP 20 ALLBREED CATS and also the TOP 20 SHORTHAIR CATS in Northern Europe (EN Region). Ozzy also finished the TICA show year 2007/2008 as NUMBER 1 BENGAL IN THE UK, NUMBER 3 BENGAL IN NORTHERN EUROPE and NUMBER 11 BENGAL WORLDWIDE! More details and photo's can be seen on our STUDS and AWARDS pages. The fabulous Ozzy can be seen on our STUDS page and his beautiful golden rosetted Bengal kittens (including our home bred Bengal stud cat Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion SUNTOUCHED SANTINO AKA Tino) can be seen on our KITTENS AVAILABLE (and Studs) pages. Details of Ozzy's show wins can be seen on our AWARDS page, which is soon to be updated to include photo's of Ozzy with his Award for gaining his Regional Winner title in 2007/2008 in Northern Europe.

Here at Suntouched Bengals, we aim only to produce the very best, healthy Bengal Kittens in the UK, with temperaments being one of our main priorities as well as Show and Breed quality Bengals with super Bengal type and that desired 'wild look' reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). We are also introducing more Whited Tummied Bengals into our programme, with the addition of Dolly our F3 Bengal, who has a Whited Tummy. Our Bengal queens Anna (F4)*, Dolly (F3) and Saba have all produced kittens with White Tummies, and Dolly our F3 Bengal queen has herself still got a White Tummy at the age of 5 years. Anna (F4) doesn't have the Whited Tummy herself but she carries the gene and her litter of September 2008 of 3 Bengal kittens...all girls....had Whited Tummies when younger so may well carry the white tummy gene. We are hoping to keep two of these stunning F5 kittens from Anna and you may well see them out at TICA or GCCF Shows in 2009. *More about the lower generation Bengals (F1, F2, F3, F4) can be read on our Information page 'FROM ASIAN LEOPARD CAT TO BENGAL'.
Our Bengal Cats have many famous names in their pedigree's, including many Asian Leopard Cats names like: ALC Tariq, ALC Kabuki, ALC Rajah Singh, ALC Taro, and also ALC's from Dr. Centerwall's breeding programme. There are also many famous Bengal names in our cats' pedigree's, like I.W (International WInner) SGC Katznjamr Inkosi, RW (Regional WInner) SGC (Supreme Grand Champion) Stonehenge Wurthawate of Snopride/Jungle Jem, RW SGC Jater Houdini, RW SGC Calcatta's Custom Made, (our own)RW SGC Xclusive X Factor of Suntouched, RW SGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole, RW SGC DiCaprio, RW QGC Gogees Playboy of Jater, SGC Cheetahsden Sundancer, SGC Millwood Shahanarah, RW QGC Medoz Malifoscent, RW DGC Brockenmoor Pacific Ocean, plus many more names that can be found by doing a GOOGLE, MSN or YAHOO! search.

We Show our Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens whenever we can. This has to fit in around the due litters of kittens, as we never leave our Bengal queens on their own when the kittens are due. As our Bengal Cats all have lovely temperaments, this follows on in the kittens who make excellent Pets or Show / Breed Bengals, with that extra-special wild-looking 'Bengal' quality reminiscent of the ALC/F1 hybrid cat.

If you are looking for a friendly, good quality GCCF or TICA registered Bengal cat or kitten, please do contact us for availability. We are dedicated to breeding good quality Bengal kittens in our quest to improve the Bengal breed. We often have Bengal kittens available but we rarely sell on our own breeding Bengal queens or Bengal stud cats for breeding, though occassionally we may run on a special young Bengal so we may have a litter from him/her and get a keeper girl before re-homing as a pet or as a stud/queen cat to a small (approved) Bengal breeding programme...preferably with people we already know.
We do sometimes have retired Bengal queens or Bengal stud cats available for rehoming, after they have been neutered/altered. These Bengal cats make excellent family cats and will be friendly and clean, with no bad habits. If you are interested in one of our Bengal kittens or Bengal studs or queens, or even a retired Bengal cat from Suntouched Bengals, please do get in touch with us for further information. More details about our Bengal cats can be found on our OUR CATS (STUDS and QUEENS) pages, and for kitten details take a look at our AVAILABLE KITTENS page...it has lots of information, including our 'ADVICE ON BUYING A KITTEN' page, plus some really sweet kitten photo's!

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