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PLEASE NOTE: When choosing your Bengal kitten, please be aware that there are many cheaper (some cross-bred) kittens out there that look very pretty when young, but go on to look very plain brown with little/no contrast or pattern when they mature (please read our 'Advice on Buying a Kitten etc'...see link above).
Our home-bred Bengal kittens are bred to improve with maturity and maintain their superb clear and colourful coats and patterns, combined with good type & small ears. So please understand......it is the same as everything else you buy......
"You get what you pay for"

Here is an example of how our Bengal kittens improve with age. The 2 photo's on the left here show Tino when he was just 10-12 weeks old and in 'the fuzzies'. The photo on the right is the same cat (Tino...now a Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion) when he reached 8 months of age. Now you can see the difference and can understand why the pedigree is so important....and see how our cats can turn out given a little time. This very same kitten (Tino) finished the TICA show year (May to May 2008/2009) as the 1ST BEST BENGAL KITTEN IN UK, 2nd BEST BENGAL KITTEN IN N.EUROPE
UPDATE: Tino is currently 4th Best Bengal Cat in the world! (January 2010)


(We have some retired cats available too, please see Rehome page for details)




As you can see, this beautiful Bengal kitten has a fully rosetted pattern on a clear, soft and glittered coat. He has good type with nicely rounded medium ears correctly set on the side of his head and a good thick tail. His profile is straight and his muzzle is strong.
This lad has a super-friendly nature and is a good size for his age. Ready to go now.
(Sorry, now homed)





All Kittens will be: Young Kittens also come with the following:
Vet Checked twice (Contents may vary):
Fully Vaccinated Sample of Techni-cal Kitten/Cat Food (their current diet)
GCCF or TICA Registered Bag of Cat Litter
Wormed Diet/Care Sheet
Frontlined Toy(s)
Litter Trained Tin/pouch of Food
Insured for 4 weeks (UK only) Pedigree Certificate
Very Friendly!! Neutering. (Sometimes Pet kittens will be neutered before leaving us)


As well as the basic FREE starter pack (above), we can now supply Complete Kitten Starter Kits which comprise of the following (contents may vary slightly):

Plastic Cat Carrier/Transporter, Small Scratch Post, Litter Tray with detachable rim, Selection of good quality foods (Cans and Dried), Selection of Toys (Minimum of 4) and a twin feeder bowl.

The Standard Complete Kitten Starter Kit can be purchased from us for £49.99

We also supply Deluxe Complete Kitten Starter Kits which comprise of the following:

Plastic Cat Carrier/Transporter, Soft round fur Cat/Kitten Bed, Medium Scratch Post, Hooded Litter Tray, Selection of quality foods (Cans and dried), Selection of toys (Minimum of 6) and a twin feeder bowl.

The Deluxe Complete Kitten Starter Kit can be purchased from us for £69.99 Please order your Complete Kitten Starter Kit (Standard or Deluxe) before collecting your kitten to ensure it is in stock. Please enquire if you would like any further items for your Bengal kitten.line

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