We will be retiring some of our treasured queens around Springtime 2010 so if you are interested in giving a loving, permanent home to one of our young girls, who will all be spayed before leaving us, please do make your interest known to us and we will do our utmost to match you up with a cat that is suited to all your current requirements.

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DOLLY WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE TO A SPECIAL HOME, WITH NO YOUNG CHILDREN OR OTHER CATS. She will probably be ok with dogs though has not been in contact with dogs whilst living with us. Please enquire if you are interested in giving Dolly the loving, permanent home she deserves in her retirement. Nominal fee to cover spaying only.

with Whited Tummy

From the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) 'TARIQ'

Sire: Indykatz Houdini
Dam: Buckholt Gracie Looleport (F2)

Dolly is our F3 foundation Bengal Queen who carries the Snow gene. She has a straight profile, domed forehead, medium/small rounded ears set on the side, good length and breadth to her muzzle and a strong chin. She has an overall 'wild' look about her and a White Tummy which she has passed on to her F4 Bengal son Merlin, who can be seen on our Bengal Studs page. Dolly will hopefully be bred once more in 2009 before retiring.

Dolly is from a rare line of Bengals, originating from the Asian Leopard Cat 'Tariq'. More details and information can be read about this rare line on our STUDS page, under 'SUNTOUCHED MERLIN' (our F4 son of Dolly).

We hope that Dolly may have one more litter here with us before retiring in 2009/2010.

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